Tuesday, May 4, 2021




[For Music and Mirth]



I’m glad that Uncle Ned died long, long ago,

And that the Old Arm Chair had an arm;

I’m glad the Grandfather’s Clock has ceased for to go,

And that the Old Oaken Bucket is Down on the Farm.

                                                        JOE CONE.



Not sure of date written or published.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Lizzard Crick Poems - 'At Steel Trap


                                Lizzard Crick Poems.

                                  ’At Steel Trap.


Ast uncle once ef I could set

One o’them steel traps o’ his;

Tol’ ’im I’d seen some annermul,

    Bigger’n what the ol’ cat is,

Down in the medder nigh the crick;

    Seen ’is toe prints in the san’

Nigh to a hole. Said he guessed not,

    I’d be apter ketch my han’.


But guessed ’at I knew howter set

    A steel trap ’thought gittin ketched

Myself, so I sotter down th’ere,

    ‘n’ thought how he’d laff w’em I fetched

A coon or mebbie woodchuck home

    Nex’ mornin’ erbout sunrise!

An’ w’en I creeped up to the hole

    Heard some soft an’ mournful cries,


An’ ’ere wuz aunty’s ol’ black cat

    Lookin’ tearful like at me;

‘N’ it made me bawl an’ wisht I’uz dead

    Hurt her hin’ laigs so, yo_______

‘N’ I tuk her out an’ petted _______

    “N’ confessed tur uncle ______

An’ he, he jawed, ‘n’en said _____

    Bes’ boy wuz on Lizzard Crick __


                                    [lower right corner torn off]


'“Lizzard Crick Poems” - When Ol’ Ike Died' updated, including a handwritten version.